Yard Waste Removal Tips

Schedule Your Disposal

Plan your disposal. Not all waste can be collected by your sanitation crew.  Inquire with your local government for special lawn waste collections. The majority of towns collect organic waste regularly. Simply call your garbage collection agency to find out when it will be. You may also drop off your yard waste at a number of local locations where it will be composted or broken into mulch.

Find A Way To Put Your Trash To Good Use.

You can rent a wood chipper and use it on fallen branches, bushes, and other wood waste to produce your own mulch. Wood chippers are available for rent by the day. When using one, just be careful!

Recycle It

Recycling yard trash is the most convenient and environmentally friendly way to dispose of it. Have your yard waste picked up by your local sanitation service, or you can drop it off yourself if you have the means to transport it.

Make sure you find out your local garbage disposal service guidelines and what is needed for yard waste to be bagged/prepared before being disposed of. Yard waste must be placed in a properly labeled bin or in paper yard waste bags, according to most disposal providers.

Compost Your Yard Waste

The nutrients released by your organic waste as it decomposes contribute to improving the quality of your soil. Composting is also a more environmentally friendly option than hauling your yard waste away.

It’s fantastic if you already have a composting space in your house, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to get one started. Kitchen scraps, coffee grounds, eggshells, and other organic waste may be thrown on the compost pile once you’ve constructed a composting site.

Call A Junk Hauling Company

Hire RH Hauling and Junk Removal to save yourself time and effort. Before taking it away, our team will perform all the hard lifting for you. Just one call from us and you’ll be sure that your yard will be free from waste again,

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