Organize Anything in 5 Easy Steps 

Maintaining your home tidy and organized all the time does not happen in a snap, there’s no magic button or a quick fix. It only takes a little planning, commitment, and the right system. While a closet can also be organized differently than, say, a pantry, there are a few important guidelines to keep in mind regardless of what you’re organizing.

If you’re finally trying to arrange your closet or you really need to clear out those kitchen cabinets, these ideas can help. Here’s how to get almost anything in your house organized.

Keep Your Organization’s System Realistic

To maintain a well-organized home, have a plan and stick to it. Anyone may establish a complex organizing system, but it’s worthless if it doesn’t work for you and your family. Build your organizational system based on how your  family works in order to slowly incorporate this in your daily lives.

Sure, a sophisticated closet system or shoe storage plan seems good in general, but if your family truly only requires a basket for shoes near the back door, it’s best to go with that.

Consider Setting Up a Drop Zone

While keeping things organized should always be your ultimate goal, there are times when you just need to set something aside and deal with it later. Consider setting up a drop zone for all of the stuff you need to organize but don’t have the time to do it right now.

Create a paper drop zone outside your front entrance for bills, RSVPs, magazines, and other papers. Consider creating a few vertical files, one for must-reads, one for periodicals and cards, and one for to-be-shredded or filed at your workplace, all sorted by priority. You’ll be one step closer to organizing those papers this way, and it’ll be easy enough that you’ll remember it when you come in the door.

Consider a drop zone if you have a complex organization system that requires some effort to maintain. Avoid crowded surfaces by using a basket for unsorted clothes or a container for books that need to be reorganized.

Declutter Your Space

Before you can arrange any area, make sure you only have what you need. A messy house will only make it harder to manage. To do this, only have what you need and donate the rest or give it to someone who needs it (if it’s still in good condition). Set aside a day (or many days) to go through your junk drawers, closets, basement, and kitchen pantry, focusing solely on stuff you’ve worn, used, or eaten recently.

Double check all the things that you have and evaluate if you really need to keep them. In order to keep your house organized, only keep what you need.

Use a Calendar System to Stay on Track

One of the most common causes for your organization system to fail is when things get in the way and you forget to organize your things.

Most of us forget to keep our closets organized by color or to declutter the pantry every month, between work and social engagements. Plan your days ahead and even your most hated everyday chores.

Set out a date in your calendar for everything from working exercise to grocery shopping to doing laundry. To prevent feeling overwhelmed and angry, stick to your schedule and complete chores when you say you will.

Go for Vertical Storage Solutions

It never feels like enough, no matter how many closets and pantries you have. It can be harder to keep organized if you don’t have enough storage. Vertical thinking is one way to make the most of your storage space. Be creative with the spaces you don’t use very often. There’s probably some unused space you can tap here, whether it’s under your bed or on top of your cabinets.

Home organization does not have to be a difficult effort. You can develop a system that works for you and your family while also maintaining order in every part of your home by taking it one step at a time.

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