Improper Waste Disposal

Effects of Improper Waste Disposal

Improper Waste Disposal

We have come a long way with our waste management, and yet we still find ourselves struggling with how to properly dispose of our waste. Several key problems have yet to emerge with junk removal, and this includes improper waste disposal.

Improper waste collection and disposal affects not just the environment but also the overall economy of the country as states spend a lot of money to tackle the effects of improper waste removal. Landfills, incineration, biological processing, or energy conservation are the common methods of waste management that we are familiar with. 

Although there are a lot of ways we can properly dispose of our waste, we still find ourselves clueless on how to do it. Below are some of the effects of improper waste disposal

Climate Changes

Climate Change brought by Improper Waste Disposal

Climate change pertains to a change in the Earth’s climate or Earth’s temperature. The chemical composition of the atmosphere has also noticed significant changes, a product of an increase in greenhouse gases. Harmful greenhouse gases that come from decomposing waste rise up to the atmosphere and trap heat. Those greenhouse gases are caused by human activities like burning fossil fuels for electricity, heat, and transportation. Some greenhouse gases, like methane, are produced through agricultural practices, including livestock manure.

The outcome of climate change? Shrinking glaciers and reduced snow covers are diminishing freshwater sources and rising seawater levels. All of this can easily cause an increase in the number of floods, endangering both coastal and sea areas.

Air, Water, and Soil Contamination

Improper waste disposal has a negative effect on air, water, and soil. With the waste that humans are producing, the soil has become the universal sink and bears the greatest burden of environmental pollution. Toxic chemicals that end up in the landfill release toxic chemicals that harm both the soil and the atmosphere. 

Improper Waste Disposal

Waste like glass, metal, plastic, & paper waste can be recycled by recycling facilities but are usually incorrectly sent to landfills without being recycled. Wastes like these are sometimes left out and absorbed by the soil, water, and air, and get contaminated over time. For example, plastic bottles, when they break down they release a carcinogen (DEHA)  that affects our reproduction system, causes liver dysfunction, and weight loss. Soil contamination does not only affect plant growth, it is also unhealthy to humans and animals feeding on those plants.

Other toxic gases that are released by waste,, like dioxins, pose a health risk when they diffuse into the air that we breathe. Add to that the methane gasses that decomposing wastes release. Hazardous wastes in the atmosphere leech into the ground, and eventually, into groundwater. Toxic liquid chemicals from waste can also seep into water sources and bodies of water.

That’s why we have to be cautious with our waste, or you can hire a professional junk removal to do the job for you. They will be happy to assist & help you, and they can even hand over your recyclable wastes to recycling facilities.

Impacts on Human Health & Wildlife

Effect of Improper Waste Disposal on Wildlife

Humans are at the greatest risk of our actions. We keep on producing waste but we are also unable to properly dispose of it. In the end, it is us who will suffer. The more we produce waste, the more toxic gases/chemical emissions there will be. One may develop diseases like asthma, birth defects, cancer,  cardiovascular disease, childhood cancer, COPD, infectious diseases, and many more.  Bacteria, vermin, and insects can also be added to the problem that trash causes.

Disperse your waste properly, take note of different methods of waste disposal to ensure that it does not affect the environment around the area or cause health hazards to the people living there. If you do not have the time, seek help from a junk removal company that can help you with your wastes.

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